About me

Hmm, well let's see- " I've been performing live since I was 15. I've toured both Europe and the USA. I've been a published songwriter for quite some time now, and have had some of my songs aired worldwide. Currently I devote my musical words:

To me writing a song is like painting. You start with a blank canvas, and where there was once nothing, the space is now filled with color, expression, and emotion. 

Feeling and Style

I believe that songs are a gift from a higher power, and that I'm just  a conduit for them to flow through. It still amazes me.


What is make-up in feeling my music ?

My guitar influences are-

Keith Richards

Eric Clapton 

Allen Collins

Michael Schenker

Carlos Santana

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Simple and true

" Music is the universal language "

Gone But Not Forgotten

In The Darkest Night